DJI Mavic 3 Lost Tips on Airplane-Enhanced Cameras

DJI has several drones under its belt where it caters to a wide range of clients, whether they are athletes, enthusiasts, or professionals, DJI has drones to cover them all. Good news for those who are not really experts but can appreciate it too, then the DJI Mavic 3 could be a drone control.

This is because of Jasper Ellens who shared the upcoming drones, and it seems to be right, it can carry a number of hardware upgrades. This includes a new 4/3-inch camera sensor that would allow the drone to capture 5.2K video with 20MP peripherals.

This is a big change for aerial photographers who are looking for good cameras to adapt to their images or videos. Prior to this, drone pilots expect the 4/3 sensor to purchase a special camera like DJI Zenmuse or use Panasonic’s BGH1.

Some of the features include direct USB-C drive which means you don’t have to remove the battery, and when it comes to batteries, the time the Mavic 3 flight is listed as 46 minutes, a little longer than 31 minutes on the Mavic 2 Mavic 3 is said to cost $ 1,600 and will likely be announced on November 15th.

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