Discord is working with YouTube to bring music

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Google YouTube has killed two celebrities Discord songs bots this month, forcing them to close at midnight for human rights violations, Discord says it has tried to test YouTube integration that will allow users to play music on their servers.

Discord apparently tried the same for about 10 months ago, but it seems to have completely changed and speeded up its release as a way to alleviate frustration for users in the rise of closing popular bots Groovy and Rhythm. According to About, the new agreement has been handed over to “friends and a few families” so far, and it seems to be the result of a partnership between Discord and YouTube, which may upset those who have praised the current unruly spirit –bots bots music. The new feature, called Watch Together, allows Discord users to download YouTube videos together on the platform, just as Groovy and Rythm music bots allowed users to listen to a playlist they shared in online rooms when they gathered.

Predictably, this new, YouTube-approved segment looks like a bigger, better, more advanced YouTube: Once you look at it together it’s possible, small The YouTube interface appears on the left side of their window, allowing users to create listings by searching the YouTube links in the selected search bar. The swipe of the green button at the bottom of the interface allows users to “share remotely,” which aids some of the functionality that some found on the server can use to create a playlist.

And like everything that “Man” tries to wrap and sign up, it seems that Watch Together lacks some of the charms that made Groovy and Rythm so popular in the beginning. As Discord told The Verge, “you can see YouTube videos” with the new integration, something that will definitely kill the vibe especially in a way that wasn’t the case with unofficial bottles.

However, Discord appears to be making progress with YouTube integration, and Watch Together is expected to expand to all users by the end of October.

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