The remaining Disney movies for 2021 will be theater theater in launch

Back in 2020 during the epidemic that caused various businesses to suspend their operations for some time, such as theaters, companies like Disney had to find a way to present their videos to the audience as they sat there waiting for the epidemic to pass.

Instead of Disney, the company experimented with another genre in which it released movies on Disney + immediately with theater (where it opened), giving users the opportunity to pay for home viewing if they wish. However, it seems that the experiment ended when Disney announced that all of their 2021 (and possibly progressive) movies are back on display.

The company said there will be a number of movies featuring 45 days before the Disney + show, including The Last duel, Ron’s Gone Wrong, Eternals, West Side Story, and The King’s Man. The recently released Shang Chi video also has a 45-day window only.

This does not mean that Disney movies will never be released on Disney +, but Disney will never release them on Disney + along with their shows, so if you would like to move home, you have to wait.

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