FEC Finds Hunter Biden’s Twitter Ban

Vice-President for President Joe Biden, left, with their son Hunter Biden, right, at the US-China Women’s Championships at the UBC Thunderbird Arena in Vancouver, Canada, on February 14, 2010.
Figure: Bruce Bennett (Getty Images)

The Federal Election Commission has found that Twitter has not violated any form of restriction on postage in the New York Post. and suspicious reasons for Hunter Biden Laptop.

In October 2020, just before the federal election in November, Twitter banned users from sending links to Post a hole filled The issue is the suspension of the account on paper, in reference to its objections to the release of information obtained as a result of the fraud. This provoked the anger of the right wing against the company, which eventually came back after CEO Jack Dorsey admitted that “[s]URL blocks were incorrect ”and Twitter was approved Post account back to the page.

Twitter also distorted its points on the distraction … kind of. Subsequent investigations trying to establish the truth of the Post’s allegations of the Biden family brought to light large empty.

However, the Republican National Committee (RNC) appealed to the FEC, which said the documents were “illegal donations” in support of Joe Biden (in particular, that Twitter’s decision violated the law on direct donations to political parties).

The idea of ​​the complaint was not clear, as it would require the FEC to do whatever the company could do that would disrupt the ongoing competition. as an offering. But Republicans have raised their stereotypes about television companies to be one of the biggest, and he did that in every way yes dubious legal greetingsa joke in an effort to insulting legal skins that companies like Facebook and Twitter use it to protect themselves from being forced into a bit of scrutiny.

According to New York Times, FEC secretly ruled last month that the NRC’s complaints were baseless. The election has not yet been made public, and none of the six FEC directors have been divided equally. political parties, have produced anything about this that would illuminate their thinking. However, the Times reported that the FEC confirmed that Twitter had “made it clear” that it had closed the issue for commercial and non-political reasons, and that “genuine and legal review” signaled a decision that barred Twitter from following the company’s policy.

One of the reasons why Twitter may have made an hasty decision is that the federal government has told them to take care of such things during the competition, as foreign countries can be trying to influence elections. FEC records show that a Twitter executive indicated (in FEC statement) that the company “received government warnings for the whole of 2020 from state law. that ‘government evildoers’ can steal and release associated weapons and political and that Hunter Biden could be a single target such work, ”the Times wrote. The FEC also found that “there is no information that Twitter has to do with” Biden’s campaign, and Twitter’s US policy chief told the agency that he was unaware of any links between the company and Biden’s party over the Post before making a decision to ban it.

FEC in contrast rejected the idea that Twitter was “Blocking the shadow” careful or suppressing the contents of the right wing. Going beyond the critical news of the investigation, there has been no evidence to support this, but it has the spread of the plot among Republicans for the constant support of Donald Trump and other prominent parties. According to the Times, the FEC quoted the ruling as saying that their claims were “absurd, speculative and inconsistent with the facts.” (If available, the available data suggests that self-defense actors do only on Twitter.)

RNC spokeswoman Emma Vaughn told the Times that “it will be testing its methods to request this frustrating decision from the FEC,” even if we have not, air.

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