DC Batwheels Release Ethan Hawke as Voice of Batman

New batfamily in the show Notes.
Figure: Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

So Robert Pattinson is the new Batman inside Batman. Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton, who previously played Batman, playing Batman again The flash. And now, if Bat actors aren’t enough, the new one is playing Batman in a special way. I am Wicked and Remove stars Ethan Hawke and he has some really good dolls.

Hawke will sing the words of the Caped Crusader in Warner Bros.nimated series called Notes. And, as the title shows, it’s very different from all that Batman out there. This is a demanding show school school ana, lives in a country where Batman, Robin, and Batgirl exists, but there is also a group called Batwheels, affected vehicles that also fight crime. Here is a picture.

Batwheels ruled. Hey songs!
Figure: Photo courtesy of Warner Bros.

When Hawke speaks of Batman, AJ Hudson (Good place) by Robin / Duke Thomas, featuring the first appearance on the photos of the first Black Robin of DC, by Leah Lewis (Nancy Drew) and Batgirl / Casandra Cain. As for the Batwheels, there is the leader Bam (tBatmobile, shouted the Cobra Kaiand Jacob BertrandThey will not cry (the Batgirl Cycle, starring Madigan Kacmar), Redbird (Robin’s Sports Car, starring Jordan Reed), the Batwing (pronounced Lilimar), and Buff (tBat Bat, mentioned by Noah Bentley). In the world of exhibition made by the Bat Computer (spoken by Kimberly D. Brooks) with the help of Moe (spoken by Mick Wingert).

As a result, Batman’s Batcomputer manufactures combat vehicles, but because he is born suddenly, he has the minds of children, that is why he should know outside about life in the fight against crime, regardless of their teacher Batman, Robin, and Batgirl.

Honestly, when this seems to be the case slightly disrupting the children’s show, the problem is that it will just be fun, taking action around the DC and DC characters. There is no word on when or how the show will appear (since it is part of “Art”At school software block from WarnerMedia Kids & Family, it will be either / or HBO Max or Cartoon Network), but we will send a car-looks like Batsignal when we know.

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