Amazon Palm Reader Launched in Non-Amazon First Place

Amazon One, a palm-reading expert, is now heading to the Red Rocks Ampitheater in Denver, Colorado.
Figure: Amazon

Amazon’s most popular electronic music technology, called Amazon One, was launched at Red Rocks Amphtheater in Denver on Tuesday, according to a press release from the sales giant. This is my first post to readers of the Amazon One biometric outside of Amazon-owned sites and is a sign of things to come. Instead, Amazon seems to be making a bank by releasing this technology everywhere.

Amazon One is already used in brick-and-mortar stores by Amazon, as well as several All Foods, which also includes Amazon, where subscribers to Amazon One provide a photo of their banners. When you sign up, the boxes can be used to purchase items.

From today, performers at the Red Rocks Ampitheater in Colorado will be able to register for the event, which would allow them to enter the concert with their own hands. Red Rocks will have a kiosk for anyone who wants to sign on to the site and Amazon One customers have also found a dedicated entry line, according to the company.

“When the facilitator is ready to enter amphusing their palm, there is a driveway where Amazon One is supported. When a viewer raises his palm on an Amazon One device, a unique palm signature is built with our computer expertise, “he explained to Amazon in an earlier press release. Tuesday.

Amazon One, which was launched last year in just a few places in the Amazon, promised to inspire more people. And today it seems to be the starting point for the project, meaning that palm readers can begin to appear in a variety of places.

Amazon promises that the technology is secure and will not store information locally, says Gizmodo has not been able to verify it on its own.

“The program was designed to be very secure and uses algorithms and building tools to make a unique palm signature. “It’s a pleasure to hear from AXS fans how soon they can use Amazon One to participate in their favorite events, to have less time waiting in line and more time to enjoy the event,” said Amazon.

Amazon has not yet released the exact number of people who have signed up for Amazon One, but it does say that there are tens of thousands of people in all 60 locations in Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Carolina, New Jersey, Oregon, Tennessee , Texas, Washington, and Washington DC

Amazon has teamed up with AXS, which oversees tickets for many US sports and entertainment venues, including the Staples Center in Los Angeles and the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, among many others. So if you like this idea or not — and those who promote privacy are reluctant to say a bit — you will probably see it in many places soon. Welcome to the future of biometric.

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