A Podcast Coming Soon From The World And A Hole

Earther is working with a podcast Drilled to take you to school.

Here at Earther, we love to write about fossil industrial age many false; and even if you understand the dangers of using their business, great powers like Exxon and The shell has spent billions of dollars spreading lies on TV, newspapers, and social network fostering skepticism about climate problems. But Big Oil has done this war and climate science in the most complex way, bcrying to deliver pro-fossil to high-risk people: children.

In the new podcast, I will be Combined with Amy Westervelt, a A journalist who has won a prize, on the reality of small crime scenes, Yobowola. The video will light a highlighting the long history of the oil industry, from primary to college, in educating children. The companies a campaign to infiltrate the scientific curricula is a false positive approach.

These curricula are not always known as weather resistance. Too often, they try to undermine children’s understanding of economics and economics, and promote the false notion that wealth and human rights depend on oil and gas. capitalism. Millions of Americans are familiar with this history. Ehere, as the world tries to end its anti-inflammatory properties and changes in energy efficiency, you can listen to the Big Oil arguments in class was chosen in response to climate change concerns.

The electronics sector has been doing this fraudulently for many years, and has done much to spread its message. He has also recruited amazing people to help them, from the Energy department to William Shatner. Mu ABCs of High Fuel, we will take you inside the campaigns to shape the way children view the world, We tell you about the people who did this, I cut a lot of lies.

A new podcast will be launched in just a few weeks. In the meantime, you can see the trailer now, so go download it. And while you’re at it, as it is subscribe to Drilled wherever you can find your podcasts.

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