Where is the Golden Cube in Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 8?

The Fortnite 8 season is taking place legally, and season 7 events have already been cleared on the map for players to see. After the Operation Sky Fire drama, which ended the summer tourist season, a number of cubes began making the game, including a surprise Blue Cube which is similar to Kevin but with a different name.

The Gold Cube now attracts the attention of Fortnite players and differs from Kevin or other brands. Some think it’s Kevin’s Queen or something different, but it will play a big part in Part 8 no matter what.

The location of the Golden Cube at Fortnite’s Chapter 2 Season 8

Although there are many red pipelines on the map so far, there is only one giant Golden Cube that stands alone in the wild. Many objects such as the Golden Cube have already traveled, but in the meantime, they can be found outside Holly Hedges in the east.

The Gold Cube is resting in a field near a few trees not too far from a single piece of Motherhood that has exploded since Episode 7. It seems to be the same as the one that removes the players when they jump.

The Epic game didn’t reveal where the Golden Cube would be after the operation outside of Holly Hedges, and where it would not be revealed until it moved. These tubes around the map can give an idea of ​​what all these cubes should do and if they continue a strange story.

Since some people call the Golden Cube the Queen Cube, it can be combined with Kevin the Cube and become his partner. Strange things came to Fortnite when Kevin first appeared, so having multiple copies along with the Golden Cube is sure to bring some fun and live action.

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