Weather key to Chokongola’s Sun Chariot challenge | Speed ​​Issues

Participating in the beautiful Kingdom Of Bahrain Sun Chariot Stakes at Newmarket on October 2 depends on the weather.

The filmmaker picked up his record and won five times from seven appearances at Scepter Stakes in Doncaster last week, only to be defeated more than a mile away.

With the right demands on seven stadiums throughout the season, coach Ivan Furtado sees it as a Sun Chariot or not – then he can go on sale.

“We are still planning to move to Newmarket, but we have an open mind on the ground,” Furtado said.

“He has come out well in the competition and if the weather continues until then we will run, but if the ground is not good and it has gone slowly, we don’t. His chances are slim but that’s what we’re planning.

“It’s a pity he’s probably a seven-legged European player but you don’t have a competition, but that’s the way it is – it’s too short for seven-team competition.

“We didn’t put him in the Prix de la Foret, there’s more potential, but then there could be a soft spot there and that’s why we didn’t put him in the first place.

“Maybe he’s only a mile away, but seven miles is his journey. He’s been beaten twice over a mile and that’s why you have to ride him to get this trip, but beyond seven you can be pretty sure that’s what he likes.”

Speaking about next year, Furtado said: “We want them to continue learning, but at the same time they can have the opportunity to sell products and we will see the brand they are making.

“If he makes the right amount according to the owner’s wishes then he probably has to go, but if he doesn’t, he will come back with us. We are not in a hurry to sell and there is good competition next year if he continues his studies.

“I understand, however, that if he gets the right amount of money he has to go and then have trouble finding another one – it will be difficult because he just bought 8,000 guineas!”

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