QB Fact Week 2: Who can start, sit at the end of the football

As expected, the opening week saw more firefighters from the end of the quarterback. Much, but not all, of the Studs did as we expected, and some sleepers with good matchups exceeded expectations. Given the size of the game, it is important not to overreact to what we saw last week, but it needs to happen. Going forward, we will have a number of statistics that can help us in our thinking, QBs and, most of all, security. In the meantime, we need to combine last week’s demonstrations with some of the things we know (or think we know) coming in the year As always at the beginning, we use all the combinations to combine our QB Week 2 schedules.

Students like Justin Herbert (vs. Cowboys), Russell Wilson (vs. Titans), Aaron Rodgers (vs. Lions), and Tom Brady (against the Falcons) have always started, and it looks like they could all be weeks off against defense which also seems to be playable. Rodgers was the only one of four to suffer the most last week, but he has a chance to get the “good” as he expects Monday, so there’s no reason to consider him.

Running Back | Extra Wide | Extreme Ending | D / ST | Rider

At the bottom of our list, Mac Jones (@Jets) has some good tchup, but he could just be a superflex / two-QB team. Jameis Winston (@Panthers) may have graduated after their five TD games. They face the Panthers in Carolina, and although Panther’s defense looked good last week, it was against a rookie QB with a lot of young players around him. The Saints were in good shape even though Winston did not have to throw many yards. The Jaguar’s defense proved to be brutal against what the Texans did, perhaps Teddy Bridgewater (against the Jaguars) and a tough game despite losing Jerry Jeudy (ants) for weeks.

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One of our favorite QB sleepers in the preseason, Tua Tagovailoa, is facing another tough game. It may be hard to get him started again this week, but the best days are yet to come. The same goes for Trevor Lawrence (vs. Broncos), who may have a good day due to volume but is at high risk for serious consideration. On the left side Joe Burrow (@Bears) has never shown any rust against Minnesota, and the Bears look unsafe especially at the entrance. Burrow is in the wool for the first reason.

Again, let’s keep in mind that we don’t have enough information, since we’ve only seen one game from each team. All you have to do is take all you have and see Week 1 with salt to make the start / stay decisions.

Note: We will be updating these QB rankings as needed throughout the week, so check out updates and recent reviews.

QB Fact Weeks Week 2: Who can start at the end of the quarterback

The layout follows the TD type of four-point design.

Responsibility Player
1 Kyler Murray, ARI vs. MY
2 Lamar Jackson, BAL vs. KC
3 Patrick Mahomes, KC @ BAL
4 Tom Brady, TB Vs. ATL
5 Russell Wilson, NYANJA vs.
6 Aaron Rodgers, GB Vs. DET
7 Jalen Pain, PHI vs. SF
8 Justin Herbert, LAC vs. DAL
9 Dak Prescott, DAL @ LAC
10 Baker Mayfield, CLE vs. HOUSE
11 Josh Allen, BUF @ MIA
12 Kirk’s relatives, MIN @ ARI
13 Teddy Bridgewater, DEN @ JAX
14 Matthew Stafford, LAR @ IND
15 Joe Burrow, CIN @ CHI
16 Jameis Winston, NO @ GALIMOTO
17 Ryan Tannehill, TEN vs. @ NYANJA
18 Ben Roethlisberger, PIT vs. LV
19 Trevor Lawrence, JAX vs. DEN
20 Matt Ryan, ATL @ TB
21 Jimmy Garoppolo, SF @ PHI
22 Tyrod Taylor, HOU @ CLE
23 Andy Dalton, CHI vs. CHINA
24 Carson Wentz, PHI vs. SF
25 Tua Tagovailoa, MIA vs. BUF
26 Derek Carr, LV @ PIT
27 Jared Goff, DET @ GB
28 Taylor Heinicke, WAS v. NYG
29 Sam Darnold, CAR vs. NO
30 Daniel Jones, NYG @ ANALI
31 Mac Jones, NE @ NYJ
32 Zach Wilson, NYJ v. NE

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