Paragraph 5 The Walking Dead: Daryl, Leah, the Dog

God, you just know all these bags of desire are wearing Punisher shirts.
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One of the most interesting things about The Walking Dead they have become his wicked servants. After the first round of Zombies, the show has shocked its heroes against jerks, bandits, Ambassador, eat at Terminus, Wolves, Negan and the Savior, and Whispers. Although Negan’s group was outlawed, these villains have been unstable for years, and I’m happy to say that the Reformers followed a proud tradition (?).

Really, I’m having fun! When it first appears that the Harvester was not just alpha men kill they are pretending to be in real life Call of Duty games, they have a lot going on. The fourth episode of Season 11, called “Rendition,” also works well because it’s a solo episode of Daryl (Norman Reedus), which means the story is more straightforward than ever and looks like the person we care about most. It begins with the attack on the Harvester which we saw at the end of the second part of the season. Daryl disperses like Maggie, Negan, and others, and is chased away by the Only Harvester. Eventually the two fighters, the Dog are injured, and Daryl separates from him. The next day, he follows them both, and is surprised to see the Dog sitting next to the careless Harvester on earth – and he does not come, even when Daryl calls him. Then the Harvester unwraps their mask and we find out why: It is Leah (Lynn Collins), a man who lived with her for about a year, a woman who was about to give up Alexandria, and the owner of a Dog, as we saw in season 10 Daryl and episode of Carol in the background, “Find me. ”

Yep, Leah is a Reaper, and she is not alone. He grabs Daryl, and Leah fears him – who initially chose Alexandria instead of Leah even though he’s dating, but to quickly change his mind, go back to their house, and find her gone – to let her come in the water over and over again to find out more about the people she appeared to . He clung to his story that he had only been with the group for a week, and did not know or care about them. Leah still has enough love to buy, in the end.

Then Leah (Lynn Collins) under that mask.
Figure: Josh Stringer / AMC

Unfortunately, one of the Harvesters who was injured in the attack on Maggie’s team has died and his misfortunes are so devastating that one of his friends has been killed. That’s our first new guarantee that they have a little bit of a tie because if they don’t want their people killed either he should not search for people and start shooting for no reason. The second fact is that O harvest has a priest who speaks in tongues on the corpse. The third is the Pope (Ritchie Coster), the archbishop, who faces death, saying: “God is here. She is angry. I’m angry. Go and listen to our anger. ”Yes, the Harvesters are a well-known religious group (although it remains to be seen how many are true believers), but we will get there in a moment.

Leah tries to convince the Pope that Daryl is right to join the Harvest (as she knows it) but replies that Daryl is just trying to “get into his pants” which is funny if 1) you know Daryl and 2) remember that loving reunion started with torture. Later, Leah persuaded the Pope to let her in, which is why the Harvesters shut up everything Daryl and Leah in the barn are burning. When Daryl rescues them from a burning fire by opening the window, the Pope welcomes him with open arms – not that Daryl has decided he will not leave his sister, he is now “baptized with fire.”

Thanks to “Find Me,” we learned that Leah had served in the military, and we met her dead soldiers when she was resurrected. They later separated, during which time Leah and Daryl lived for one year together. But after he left, he was able to reunite with his friends and begin to wear skull masks and kill people. After his baptism at the fire, the official drank a drink with a new member of the Ovumbula and described his background in detail, and the words quoted here are from the Pope:

  • Prior to the quake, he had served as a soldier in Afghanistan where he committed atrocities. “We saw God everywhere. They were in the blood, dangerous, and death. ”
  • He later formed a gang and did dangerous things in Afghanistan, but he paid well. “We’ve done all the bad, disgusting things that no one wants to do.”
  • When the zombie apocalypse began, they were hired to fight in the States – probably against zombies and many living people who despair of it. “The real black work started after he fell.”
  • One day, “God came.” Apparently, the government that began to panic started throwing tons of bombs instead, and the Pope means that he was once deliberately thrown at the mob.
  • This included some kind of charity. They piled up in the church, and in spite of all the damage around them, they all came out unscathed. “And that’s when I knew we were the Elect.”

Every group of nogoodniks that the listers have encountered has been worshiping a different kind, because they have all persuaded people to believe in their supernatural customs (or make them fearful of disobedience), either by eating or wearing masks made of human flesh and walking around with zombies. Negan and Alpha lead religious ceremonies. But the Pope and the Harvest are the first religious the religion we’ve seen The Walking Dead, which is amazing because of… apocalyptic-ness of the zombie apocalypse.

Daryl (Norman Reedus) gives Leah the perfect fit-eye.
Figure: Josh Stringer / AMC

Obviously, what makes Otuta do so Walking Dead—it is true that their leader seems to believe that he is divine from God to wear a Halloween-bro costume and kill anyone who sees him — because he does. Which makes them the same More Walking Dead and that Harvesters care so much about each other that first and foremost they have their backs all the time, without scattering. This is why at the end of the session, the Pope celebrates one of the Harvesters for carrying his dead friend 10 miles back to their camp. He then throws the same Harvester into the blazing fire because all his war wounds are on his back, which the Pope thinks means he has left his companion and carried his corpse behind him.

This is a wild jump, mainly because the Harvesters were harassing Maggie’s group on both sides and they all had their backs to one enemy or another, and it’s hard because, Once again the Harvesters tried to start the fight in the first place. But I think people can’t lead a clean war by killing people for using too much wisdom – which is why it’s so funny that so-called insane people choose to follow someone who can set them on fire to glorify God or something like that. nonsense at any time.

I doubt it The Walking Dead will explain what the religions of the Revealer worship unless they have been sent by “God.” I am deeply concerned about how disturbing Ovuna’s idea would be if the show did not pay attention to it, because dangerous religious zealots are a reality in our country, and the show has no possibility of any work in its wisdom, grace, or ingenuity. But for now, they are empty The Walking DeadThis new group of killer idiots, and I will try to enjoy them as much as I can … Amen.

Figure: Josh Stringer / AMC

Mixed Music:

  • Another member of Maggie’s gang was caught by O harvest and placed in a room next to Daryl. Daryl should tell the boy to be quiet, and then tell him the whole story he told Ovuna so his friend wouldn’t argue. It’s too heavy.
  • While Daryl was supposed to talk about the group he was with to help Leah convince the Pope that he was important, she said their leader was a woman and a “tall, thin, unassuming man.” I think Jeffrey Dean Morgan was looking very thin this season. She’s not a little pretty, right.
  • I’m sorry that Alpha and Samantha Morton’s Alpha can’t share the window, just to hear their strange battle until death.
  • Daryl looks at Leah at the end of the scene briefly. The corpse is on fire, the Pope is shouting about God, and Daryl’s words to him are, “Really? These then which department have you chosen to follow? ”

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