NFT Followers Can See Beeple Piece $ 69 Million Ahead

Even theirs dangerous globally, NFTs are still unfortunate in style. Now, you can go and spend money to see the whole NFT art team, including the most expensive piece ever sold-Beeple DAILY: FIRST 5000 DAYS – at a festival in New York City.

Developed by the crypto Metapurse fund, during the day, Dream dreaming party It will feature a photo of more than 150 artists, who will showcase their NFT skills through machines, large screens, and living spaces. The big hit, Beeple, will be on display at the only party headed by DJ Alesso tonight.

In response to this trend, other tickets to the Dreamverse Party will be black and white NFTs, whose organizers will change color when tested at home. Tickets were created by crypto artists Alotta Money, the technical director of the popular CryptoPunk NFTs.

Tickets for bus the entertainment section is $ 30, but there are a number of value options available if you want to go to a party. Admittedly, a non-NFT ticket will cost you between $ 150 to $ 175. If you want an official NFT ticket, you have to pay $ 475 or $ 600. Don’t worry, you get a free drink approved by those tickets.

NFT file fans looking for VIP tickets should pay $ 2,500, which will give them a chance two drinking tickets and the opportunity to go fast lines, because I think there will be long lines to see Beeple? Who knows.

Obviously, you have the right to spend your money the way you want. Don’t let me stop you. I just want to remind you that filming NFTs brings a lot Exhalation, which results in seasonal growth, e.g. a recent fire hell on Earth and a hurricane he showed us. Also, you can view NFT skills from your home, for free.

We’ve included Beeple’s $ 69 million cartoon to save you money (and money). You are welcome.

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