Leeds chairman Andrea Radrizzani wants European football within ‘two or three years’ on Elland Road | Football Stories

Leeds chairman Andrea Radrizzani hopes to bring European football into the extended Elland Road within three years.

Radrizzani’s club are now in their second season of returning to the Premier League after completing a 16-year absence from the top flight of the Championship promotion in 2020.

Leeds impressed with a 9th place finish last term and, with plans to upgrade the stadium to 37,890, Radrizzani now wants to climb.

“Our goal is to keep (our place) in the league and, if we can keep the league, we can build a foundation,” Radrizzani told Sky Games after Leeds’ 3-0 defeat at Liverpool on Sunday.

“We put a lot of money into the players last year and this season and I believe the club is going the right way to establish the Premier League.

“The dream is to play a European night in a big stadium for two or three years – maybe three years.”

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NOTE: We are showing the great victories of Liverpool over Leeds in the Premier League.

Manager Marcelo Bielsa has been instrumental in Leeds’ promotion and return to the Premier League but the Argentine midfielder, who was selected in 2018, prefers to only sign a one-year deal.

This has sparked fears that the club could lose a 66-year-old player but Radrizzani insists the club is happy with the arrangement.

“Every year we continue year after year and there is no problem,” he said.

“There is a lot of trust and we are working together.”

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