ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier 2021: Match 15, Rwanda Women vs Tanzania Women

Rwanda Women will play Tanzania Women in the 15th match of the ICC Women T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier 2021 at the Botswana Cricket Association Oval 1 in Gaborone on Monday.

Rwanda Women are at the top of the Group A table with two wins in most games. They won their first match against Women Women, coming out on top with 10 wickets.

Rwandan girls became very popular and scored 204/5 of all the best hits that made Gisele Ishimwe. The archers mocked the Swaziland women, who were in line for just 19 of them. Margueritte Vumiliya, Henriette Ishimwe and Alice Ikuzwe led the ball.

On the other hand, Tanzania Women launched the ICC Women T20 World Cup Qualifier 2021 and lost against Zimbabwe Women. However, she came back strongly against the Mozambican women’s group that registered to register a major victory that would strengthen their spirit. He set up 228 on the first strike, led by fifty from Mwanaidi Ammy and Fatuma Kibasu.

Mozambique Women can only get 28 runs before being relegated. Nasra Saidi, Perice Kamunya and Sophia Frank were some of the athletes. Tanzania Women are fourth with success and success so far.

Game Information

Games: Rwanda Women vs Tanzania Women, Match 15, ICC Women World T20 Africa Qualifier, 2021.

Date and Time: September 13, 2021, Monday 1:00 PM NDI

Location: Botswana Cricket Association Oval 1, Gaborone, Botswana

Weather Notes

The game’s predictions are bright and there is a sun with clear clouds throughout the game. As a result, we expect a full game with no interruptions. Temperatures vary between 21 and 26 degrees Celsius.

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Wicket in Botswana Oval 1 has been very good at batting and we have seen a lot of shipments. All totals are easily defended, therefore, the first hit and start running is what the winning team would want to do.

Predicted Playing XI

Rwandan women

Gisele Ishimwe is the leading scorer in Rwanda Women with 120 runs so far. None of the other fighters have come along well, it’s something they would like to fix. Margueritte Vumiliya and Henriette Ishimwe have been throwing very well and are looking to win.

Predicting XI: Bimenyimana (c), Cathia Uwamahoro, Gisele Ishimwe, Sarah Uwera (wk), Women Henriette Ishimwe, Marie Sifa Ingabire, Alice Ikuzwe, Margueritte Vumiliya, Belyse Murekatete, Flora Irakoze, Josiane Nyirankundineza.

Tanzania Work

Amidi, 87 * and Fatuma Kibasu, 62, were the winners of Tanzania Women who have a bat for the last time and will want to continue. Nasra Saidi and Perice Kamunya have been very helpful in football. However, they will want to work well with a strong Rwandan team.

Predicting XI: Fatuma Kibasu, Saum Mtae, Hudaa Omary (c), Mwanaidi Ammy, Neema Pius, Mwanaiddi Ibrahim Shakim, Perice Mamunya, Nasra Saidi, Sophia Frank, Shufaa Mohamedi (wk), Mwanamvua Hamisi.

Game Prediction

Rwandan women do not do well in this sport. Tanzania Women is also on the rise, having won their previous games. Neither side has done all they can with the bat. Rwandan girls will be very well known and their activities in Tanzania could play a prize for the female athlete.

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