Epic Judging Court in Apple Case

That’s why the lawsuits between Apple and Epic are kind of to the end. We say so because the verdict has been handed down, but like most court cases, there are appeals. In this case, it seems Epic is not very happy with the decision and has it for he appealed the appeal against the verdict.

The note does not say which part of the Epic order was most interesting, but it could be a number of things. In one case, the judge in charge of the lawsuit ordered Epic to pay Apple $ 3.65 million in damages for violating Apple’s laws prohibiting other people from paying, as well as 30% of every Epic made in their home payment system from November 2020 onwards.

Another potential contention would be how the ruling did not establish the Apple App Store as an independent entity, subject to state or federal laws. When the judge found that Apple’s actions were inconsistent with the competition, it was not enough to make them appear to be the sole regulators. As mentioned in our previous report, there are no winners here.

Both groups did not receive the verdict they wanted. Instead of Apple, it looks like they will now be forced to allow manufacturers to release readers about alternative payment methods, which some believe could have a significant impact on Apple’s finances. However, Apple seems to have seen the decision as a victory, but we think we can now wait to see how Epic’s appeal goes.

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