Don’t Save Your Soul To Become An iPad Instagram User

It’s WhatsApp saying that the iPad app is growing, what does this mean for other Facebook businesses like Instagram? Back in 2020, the CEO of Instagram explained because there is no iPad app, and if you expect this to change, especially with the upcoming WhatsApp on the iPad, we have some bad news.

This is in line with Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri who repeated what he said last year. Mosseri said, “I’ve been on the iPad for a while because I’m on a plane, but there’s no iPad app for Instagram. It would be nice to do, but there’s a lot to do and it’s just a few people, so it didn’t last long.”

Sounds like Instagram might consider the iPad app, but it’s not the most important thing right now. This is absurd because the iPad app has become one of the most sought after items. In addition, Instagram has changed some things like allowing users to download from a computer, which is why it’s clear that phones aren’t the only ones, so why not a iPad app, right?

That being said, we don’t know what the Instagram list is like so maybe you shouldn’t have any hope right now for the iPad app soon.

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