Almost everything was ruined for the Packers, Aaron Rodgers lost Week 1 to the Saints

The Packers entered their Week 1 non-partisan game against the Saints as a bit of a favorite. He never played like that at all in a 38-3 defeat.

New Orleans never went well and Green Bay failed to downplay the NFC teammate after holding on to the goal they had earlier. Packers coach Matt LaFleur was carefree after the game when asked about how his team performed.

“[They] utter disgrace, ” LaFleur told reporters.

In fact, the Saints have beaten the Packers in almost every part of the game. The three points the Packers scored were too short in the game Aaron Rodgers started unbeaten due to injury, on ESPN Advertising Field.

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Then, what’s wrong? Here’s a deeper look:

Aaron Rodgers had a bad game

No one can deny that Rodgers was part of the Packers crisis. He also admitted after the game.

“We played wrong,” Rodgers told reporters. “I played badly.”

He made several unnecessary shots, in addition to his two fights. The first sneeze came through the wrong passage. He was under a lot of pressure from Cameron Jordan and Christian Ringo and just took the ball away. He threw behind Davante Adams and the pass fell into the hands of Paulson Adebo.

Another role in this selection falls on a disappointing line, too, but Rodgers has to lose the ball. He tried to do more and instead made a shooter, a game changer.

Rodgers’ second closure was the worst of the day. She acted like Praise Mary when she lifted the ball to the ground. The defense of Saints Marcus Williams took it easy and returned.

The result marked the third round of the Saints, who led New Orleans 24-3. With only a quarter left to do after this, the reason the touch made the Saints feel incapable of solving it.

Rodgers was drawn in the fourth round by the Packers following 38-3. He finished with a 15-of-28 over 133 yards, not colliding with two touchdowns. He did not act hastily.

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The Packers’ offensive line suffered

Obviously, Rodgers wasn’t the only reason the Packers didn’t do well. Their line also played a major role.

Green Bay came on in the first game against David Bakhtiari. He is on the PUP list as he continues to recover from a torn ACL that separated him last season. Left manager Elgton Jenkins stepped outside to take his place. Jenkins was ushered in by Lucas Patrick. Two rookers – Josh Myers and Royce Newman – are spotters and right guard, respectively.

The inexperienced allowed only one bag for Rodgers, but the fighter was under a lot of pressure. Thus, they could not take advantage of the Saints’ dining room in the corner. The receiver, under the direction of Davante Adams, could not have made a complete separation in the field in the short time Rodgers got.

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The Packers weren’t tied to running

Green Bay had 43 runs in 15 tries. The challenges of the ground game were two.

First, in the back there was not much room to run while the offensive and flexible line climbed the Saint’s defensive line, which did well. Green Bay have just started playing the position they held in 2020 (right-hand Billy Turner).

Second, the Packers did not just run the ball well. Aaron Jones only had two yards in the first half and only made 9 yards in five games. 9 yards was the third-lowest in his career and the lowest since 2018.

“We didn’t run the ball; we didn’t even try to run the ball well,” LaFleur told reporters. “That’s my problem.”

Jones had to do more with his chances, but LaFleur and Co also needed to start singing. This would have helped to compel Rodgers. On the contrary, the responsibility for directing the error fell sharply on the quarterback, and it never ended.

Play selection

Group It passes It runs
Carriers 35 15
Saints 21 39

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Packers’ high school made a lot of mistakes

Jameis Winston threw for 148 yards in 14 innings. But add five links, and things don’t look good in Green Bay.

The high school had a number of sections related to what Winston did. This is why about half of his last year he brought TDs.

The loss of the first two was not really bad, but the third TD began to reveal some of the details of Green Bay. Chris Hogan managed to swing back to the finish line to strike.

Towards the end of the game, the Packers lost Juwan Johnson to the red zone and allowed Winston to recapture easily.

Finally, Kevin King allowed Deonte Harris to pass near him and Winston found the runner to complete the 55 yards. Another throw for an open receiver.

The King fought hard in the last two rounds, giving a chance to teammate Chandon Sullivan – who was supposed to defend Johnson – and struggled to realize that Harris were a very threatening threat to play too much. All in all, the team needs to play good games to make life a lot harder for Winston. Green Bay could not do that.

Winston had plenty of time to throw back, as the Green Bay run didn’t force him, but the high school performance still didn’t leave much to be desired, especially against the Saints who received the bodies of Michael Thomas, Tre’Quan Smith, Adam Trautman and Nick Vannett.

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