Tuchel and Chelsea remain undefeated until the end of the season at Aston Villa

Chelsea keep getting better at every game. From the success of UEFA Champions League The season is over, the Blues have never looked back.

A Thomas Tuchel the team came back from international break on Saturday to win 3-0 on Aston Villa.

Instead, Chelsea looked a bit aggressive and did not control the game as expected. But he still managed to finish the job in the end.

The hallmark of a great team is knowing the ability to win despite not playing well and Chelsea did well against Dean Smith’s team.

Lukaku twice drowned Aston Villa

Chelsea’s unmistakable efforts to sign Romelu Lukaku have already been confirmed with a return to the striker after just three games.

The big Belgian was the star of the show, scoring two goals to help the Blues win. The result was not a clear indication of the game but Chelsea were at their hospital.

Their first goal was a midfield chance: Mateo Kovacic played in the middle towards Lukaku, who benefited greatly by turning his header before shooting his right foot.

Kovacic walked away from the relegation zone until he scored a hat-trick using Tyrone Mings’ brace to make it 2-0. Lukaku was the one who ended the place with a strange strike on death.

The Blues have missed a player who has been in Lukaku’s mind for a long time but now has what he wants to come out undisturbed even in a tough game.

Tuchel’s strong beliefs keep the Blues from losing

It is no coincidence that Tuchel has managed to turn Chelsea’s fortunes in such a short period of time. The German superintendent has strong convictions and always adheres.

They select players based on the form and, as long as you play well, you are given a chance. His idea of ​​getting rid of Saul Niguez at the start after the midfielder has shown the first evils shows what kind of manager he is.

He has no time for thought and is always ready to make big decisions no matter who he is with.

“It was really unfortunate. We played against a strong team of Aston Villa, who were well prepared,” Tuchel said after the game, as described Official Chelsea website.

“He looks good from the start and has caused us a lot of problems. We had to stop a lot of bullets and be careful with the pieces, because they are tough.

“I think in defense we are very strong and we do what we need to do. Then in the second half, we were fine. We were very controlling, we were very cold and we took advantage of it.”

Chelsea remain one of the five unbeaten teams in the Premier League and are currently taking part in the table, alongside Manchester United. Without Tuchel’s great conviction, this would not have been possible.

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Edited by Sankalp Srivastava

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