Swimming For Adults Iron Maiden “Stratego” Rules of Iron Maiden

Figure: Iron Maiden / Blinkink

Have five minutes and want to make your day more amazing? Then come and see Iron Maidennew Music video of the song “Stratego,” released by Great Swimming Last Wednesday.

Honestly, this work stands on its own, because it is vague and meaningless:

“I do not have the life to die. Death is my destiny, to be born again. ”That’s right awesome, and god only knows what it means, because it doesn’t mean anything. Honestly, it seems like it hurts when you remember the band has been singing together since 1975, about half a century ago. As the zombie mascot of the band Eddie — who was revealed as a black samurai at the end of the movie, and the whole epic light of light-vs.-darkness has been playing him with the Japanese game Shogi — it seems like death can’t stop Iron Maiden. OAge did not.

The song was recorded on a new record, which is the Japanese version of “tricks” or “ideas,” a well-known title given. Ideas It is the name of the most popular method board games. The song was composed by former Iron Maiden singer and bassist Steve Harris and guitarist Janick Gers; The band’s director, Bruce Dickinson, senior released a music video directed by Swedish artist Gustaf Holtenäs and presented by London-based Blinkink studio, which has produced some of the country’s most iconic films such as Weeknd and Elton John, as well as part of Netflix Sci-fi drawing stories Love Death + Robots. The same group made another video for “Wallwriting,” which is also included Senjutsu:

It’s been a long time since Iron Maiden’s original heydey has been called 1982’s “Hallified Be Your Name” and 1984’s “Powerslave.” But according to Kerrang, the band is currently battling Drake over the # 1 record on the UK music chart. Not bad for a group that has been around for half a century!

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