Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen is in a serious accident in the F1 Italy Grand Prix

Formula 1 drivers Max Verstappen from the Netherlands and Lewis Hamilton from England – the first and second drivers at the 2021 standings, respectively – had a fatal accident at the Italian Grand Prix on Sunday.

At the end of the 26th in the competition, Verstappen tried to cut in front of Hamilton in a tight corner. Instead of moving to seventh place ahead of Hamilton, Verstappen’s car took off at the bottom and top of Hamilton’s.

The crash ended in seconds, but Verstappen’s car could have hit Lewis’s head had it not been for the Halo system that is installed on all F1 cars in the early 2018 season.

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Both drivers escaped the crash.

Here is another area of ​​risk. Verstappen jumped the track, making it possible for him to drive a wheel with Lewis. This caused the first car to go up and down Hamilton. In retrospect it is not clear how the Halo machine worked. Although he had a problem defending Hamilton, however, he was forced to come down from his room to avoid Verstappen’s right rear tire.

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Verstappen, who started second on Sunday’s list, blamed Hamilton (fourth) for the subsequent accident, saying on the team’s radio, “That’s what you get if you don’t leave the venue.”

That wasn’t the first time they connected, either. In the Lap 1 race on Sunday, Hamilton and Verstappen ran on the second wheel in the second round after running in the running area. Surprisingly, he complained that he was not left behind by Verstappen. The two met again with the British Grand Prix on July 18.

Verstappen has a bright future ahead of the 2021 standings with 224.5, seven winners and 10 sea voyages. Hamilton, who has won five and nine top-five finishes at Autodromo Nazionale Monza of Italy, is in second place with 221.5 points, four wins and 10 assists.

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