Jorge Masvidal has teamed up with Donald Trump in a campaign to comment on Holyfield vs. card. Belfort Triller Fight Club

Jorge Masvidal has joined former US President Donald Trump on the sidelines to comment on Evander Holyfield vs Vitor Belfort event.

‘Gamebred’ looked amazing on AEW last week, giving fans an unexpected boost. Masvidal also stunned boxing fans when he was announced to join Donald Trump and their son Donald Trump Jr. on other descriptive foods.

The story was confirmed by MMA reporter Ariel Helwani on Twitter, who said:

“Jorge Masvidal will be in the” stand “with Donald Trump Sr. and Jr. on a Triller card tonight. He’ll be at another informative dinner.”

This is not the first time the UFC welterweight has merged with Trump. The winner of the ‘BMF’ title shared a role with the former President of the United States at the ‘Latinos for Trump’ ceremony in September 2020.

A key figure in the conference because of his legacy in Cuba, Jorge Masvidal took part in four ‘Fighters Against Socialism’ campaigns led by Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump election reform campaign.

See Jorge Masvidal giving a talk on the ‘Latinos for Trump’ tour below:

Jorge Masvidal has publicly supported Trump in the past and criticized current US President Joe Biden

At the end of the by-elections, Jorge Masvidal spoke out in support of Donald Trump. In one of the many tweets advocating for Trump’s election as President, Masvidal wrote:

“We have re-elected President Trump and kept America in its infancy, or we have allowed Joe Biden and the left-wing activists to rid us of the slippery slopes of socialism and crisis.”

He too recent criticism The new role of Joe Biden vaccine for COVID-19. In a series of tweets, Masvidal accused Biden of forcing a vaccine against US citizens and comparing him to Fidel Castro.

“Joe Sleep Castro is coming to the freedom he is taking from us now on live tv”

‘Gamebred’ also announced that its participants in its promotion, the ‘Gamebred Fighting Championship’, would not be required to take any vaccines.

“At the same time there will be no vaccine for fighters on @GamebredFC #supernentialary”

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