Cristiano Ronaldo: ‘Believe Kathryn Mayorga’ poster passes through Man Utd Stadium protesting sexual harassment | Football Stories

Messages in support of Kathryn Mayorga, the woman who accused Cristiano Ronaldo of sexually assaulting her in 2009, climbed to the top of Old Trafford in the second leg at Manchester United on Saturday.

The Level Up women’s team was responsible for the sign, which read: “Trust Kathryn Mayorga”.

Writing on Twitter, he added: “We would say NO to a culture of silence when we persecute others.”

Mayorga said Ronaldo raped her in a hotel room in Las Vegas in the summer of 2009. She denied the allegations.

“I strongly deny what he is saying. Rape is a heinous crime that goes against everything I believe in,” the 36-year-old said on Twitter in 2018.

In 2019, U.S. prosecutors confirmed that Ronaldo could not be held liable for the investigation because the investigation failed to prove it.

The plane passed through Old Trafford just after Saturday’s 4-1 win over Newcastle in the Premier League, with Ronaldo scoring twice on his return 12 years after his departure.

The opposing sign passed through Old Traord on the day Ronaldo played his first game for Manchester United

In 2019, Ronaldo said the accusations hurt him and made him the worst year of his life.

Talking to a Portuguese television station TVI, Ronaldo said: “2018 is probably my worst year, to speak for myself. When people ask for your respect, it hurts, it hurts a lot.”

The investigation was first opened in 2009 but was reopened in 2018, before Ms Mayorga filed a lawsuit against the government, and filed the original ban. He also said he found the courage to speak out because of the #MeToo movement.

Speaking to investigating police at the time, the woman said she knew the man who allegedly beat her, but she refused to identify him and would not say where the attack took place.

As a result, police say they have failed to “follow the procedures for investigating cases of sexual violence or conducting a thorough investigation” as they are unable to go to the scene of the case or provide the necessary evidence.

The statement also said that the video evidence shown to show the interaction between the accused and the shooters before and after the incident, which led to the case being closed for the first time.

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