Yankees’ Gary Sanchez has made a big mistake, a gift He runs a Subway Series game

Yankees striker Gary Sanchez gave his opponents something else to use.

He conceded an easy pass at home to a plate on Friday night against the Mets, which cost his team the lead and the lead. Sanchez unknowingly opened up Mets basman Jonathan Villar’s ​​third, who appeared ready to commit as he tried to score once from second baseman Mets second Javier Baez on the field. The Yankees’ throwing Joey Gallo from outside hit Villar about 25 meters.

Not so long ago, the runners would have been thrilled with the chance to injure the starter who was out of the limelight, and many runners would have had a hard time running through the catch to try and lose the ball. MLB’s recent legal changes put an end to the game-fixing, however, with the result Friday Sanchez was not ahead of Villar.

An easy game for Sanchez if I could just take one or two steps to Villar and put him on my chest with both hands. Although Villar tried to place Sanchez, as INDE expert David Cone believes, he was in no position to be in good health. As SNY investigator Keith Hernandez put it, Sanchez was “armed with a weapon,” meaning a security guard and a bodyguard.

Similarly, Sanchez was on the verge of extinction because singer Ted Barrett initially invited him to Villar. Barrett said Sanchez put Villar on his hat. The Mets resisted the call, and replays showed Villar lifting his right foot on the plate before using it.

The game helped to solidify the minds of fans and critics who believe Sanchez is a tough defense. Twitter unknowingly was ruthless after the show.

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