The vaccine may be suitable for domestic flights

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If you haven’t had a chance to get a COVID-19 vaccine here, here’s a good reason to plan your first dose. On Friday, COVID-19 White House response officer Jeff Zients also announced that the war could soon be approved by people who want to go to the US in the US

Asked at a press conference as Biden’s management vaccine or test results can be approved soon by airline, Zients he told reporters that the process could be part of the “continuation” that the White House planned in response to the country.

“Everywhere, I think we have a very strong track record that shows we’re pulling levers to get vaccinated and we’re not doing anything on the table,” Zients said.

These comments appear to be consistent with the White House’s tactics Abundance of vaccines in groups across the country. Thursday, Joe Biden he announced The six-point plan was to reduce the spread of the epidemic across the country – and a large part of the plan was immunized.

Under the new circumstances, coronavirus vaccine will be approved for many Government officials, as well as businesses with more than 100 employees, would do so cover ordering the vaccine for all participants or test staff every week. Companies that fail to comply with the order, according to the petition, could face a $ 14,000 fine for breach – although there may be a grace period to follow.

On top of that, Biden’s plan included Severe penalties for travelers who ignore TSA rules — raising a minimum fine to $ 500.

And honestly, would you criticize Biden’s business based on some of these tactics? According to this, The CDC documentation shows Alabama and Idaho state that less than 40% of the population is vaccinated, while Missouri, Texas, and Georgia reports less than 50%. Where he is of course people who cannot get vaccinated clear reasons — such as those that are minor or you are suffering from an autoimmune disease many others in these countries given a jab for less than fair reasons. We hope, some legally allow these non-vaxxers to modify their music.

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