The Lower Decks Release a Fun Medium Video

When we are happy to find whatever slipping on what will happen to our loved ones Star Trek: Dirty Decks, we were also disappointed when we received the mid-term train so far… because it makes us realize this the second best season it has recently approached his house. However! As the picture above shows, there is fun, action, challenging moments related to space goo, and nerdy Star Trek information and Easter eggs on the way before the end.

Obviously, this carried the hell of usually one minute and 20 seconds: signs of doing “small particles that make the ship go on” including (“Gathering of worthless things”), As well as persistent exposure, radiation exposure, interpretation the difference between the phasers and the phaser guns, shaving off the head of the beheaded, and face-to-face contact (looks like Boimler does not have time for Borg, at a time when we can’t wait to see). That’s Starfleet, and they never go back to the challenges! (Alas, the race needs to be postponed.)

Players a Mike McMahan-is this The list includes Tawny Newsome (Ensign Beckett Pilot), Jack Quaid (Ensign Brad Boimler), Noël Wells (Subscribe Tent), by Eugene Cordero (Ensign Rutherford) as bad quartet pa Low Decks‘ in full, and Dawnn Lewis (Captain Carol Freeman), Jerry O’Cocruelty (Director Jack Rhleng), Gillian Vigman (Author Gillian Vigman)Dr. T’Ana), Fred Tatasciore (Lt. Man), Author Paul Scheer (Lt. Billups), by Carl Tart (Lt. Kayshon).

How do you like the second season of Star Trek: Dirty Decks in the meantime, and what do you expect to see before this section is completed? The series, which has been redesigned already for the third season, airs Thursday at Paramount +.

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