Sonos Speakers Are About To Become More Expensive

Figure: Victoria Song / Gizmodo

If you are unsure about finding a Sonos speaker because it is too expensive, bad news: They will be very expensive. As of September 12, Sonos is raising prices on almost all of its sales.

In theory, this is not a sudden turn of events. At his summons last month, Chief of Financial Sonos Brittany Bagley confirmed that the rise in prices was on the cards.

“We always measure our prices based on not just the price, but where we come from and check where we want,” Bagley said. on call. “And when we see all of this, we will be raising prices for our next financial year.”

This seems to indicate that the global chip decline and the difficulties that were finally sold hit Sonos. In a statement sent to Gizmodo, the Sonos spokesman confirmed that “advertising campaigns including demand, retail, investment and competition” were achieved in the run-up to the election.

Price changes are red.
Drawing picture: Gizmodo

Not every Sonos speaker will see the price increase. Sonos Move, Port, and Boost will remain at their current rates, as well Sonos’ Ikea Symphonic speakers. The newly launched Sonos Roam will see a slight increase, a $ 10 jump from $ 169 to $ 179. Sonos One and One SL both cost $ 20 plus $ 219 and $ 199, respectively. Sonos Five, Sub, and Amp will cost $ 50 each. This brings new prices to $ 549 for the Five, $ 749 for the Sub, and $ 699 for the Amp. The big climb, however, is for Sonos Arc. The official Dolby Atmos block will now cost $ 100 more at $ 899.

Some of the climbs on these trees are small, while others are difficult to swallow. Obviously, the prices for the speakers at the Sonos home it seems to be very complicated. It makes sense: Many people have sold home appliances because of the plague. However, home remedies are always expensive, making them more expensive with hard-to-swallow pills. This is especially true when you consider Dolby Atmos – Sonos Arc’s best-selling retailer – is being added to the low-cost digital accessories.

While Sonos was predicting that his prices would continue to rise, two days with little information for anyone who has been considering Sonos ’new speaker. Sonos did not say when on September 12 these changes will take place, so if you want to purchase a ride before, you may want to make sure you do it from here until Saturday evening.

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