Kerala Blasters defeated Indian Navy 1-0

Kerala Blasters They climbed their chances past the Indian side beating 1-0 Group C game in the Durand Cup 2021. Adrian Luna reversed a penalty in the second half at Vivekanand Yuba Bharati Krirangan in Kolkata on Saturday.

By bringing in their strong team, the Kerala Blasters became very popular though The Indian Navy defeated Delhi FC three days ago. At the end of the game, he had a chance to survive with all three points.

The first chance of the game fell to the winner of the Indian Navy Britto PM in the 8th minute. He wrote on the stake with Sandeep Singh, cut the middle left and folded a few shots in the post.

Rahul KP scored the first shot for the Kerala Blasters four minutes later after his attempt to be pushed back by goals from Indian Navy Bhaskar Roy. The boy had another chance soon but his touch on Prasanth’s cross disappointed him.

The Indian Navy champion in the final game, Dalraj Singh, was about to change zero this time when his weak spot dropped Jeakson Singh out of the box. Jackson fed Luna, who defended one soldier before firing on Bhaskar.

Finally, forward Sreyas VG jumped on Luna and fed the Albino Gomes trees. From the corner that came out, on the left left Pradeesh had a free head but passed the wound.

About half an hour later, Seityasen Singh passed left to Luna’s head but an attempt reached the spot.

Durand Cup 2021: Kerala Blasters take a second half count

The Uruguayan Luna, who had been granted permission to travel, was pulling all the ropes. Ten minutes into the second half, his shot connects the way to Rahul, who just grabs the ball.

The Indian Navy had a great chance to take the lead in the 63e minute through an opponent. Britto stepped forward and handed them to Sreyas, whose shot was saved by an Albino. The shoot fell on Britto, who had an empty net to think about but somehow failed.

Paying for the loss five minutes later, the defending Sreekuttan was pulled by Dalraj when he achieved the goal. Luna sent a penalty kick to the corner to give Kerala Blasters the lead.

While the Indian Navy insisted on parallelism, the closest ones to the latter were through the areas of Bibake Thapa. In the 79th minute, Pradeesh drove from the left and his cross met Thapa whose head hit the post.

Kerala Blasters he would have learned something from the meeting and knew he needed to make some adjustments. Their next game is a clash between ISL and Bengaluru FC and that victory will take them to the quarterfinals.

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