Epic VS Apple Will Come Together, Not Winners

It has been a while since Epic filed their lawsuit against Apple and had expressed their outrage at the way Apple runs the App Store and the organizations it acquires. The case seems to have come to an end, but unfortunately no party has been able to get what it wants.

Mu verdict Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers, however, rejected the Epic’s assertion that Apple was seen as the sole arbiter of government or federal laws. Sounds like Apple’s success, doesn’t it? However, Judge Rogers also said the lawsuit showed that Apple participated in the competition competition in accordance with California competition laws.

He also issued a statute stating that Apple is, “Totally prohibited is prohibiting developers from accessing their apps with their metadata buttons, external links, or other calls to action that directs customers to purchase channels, in addition to In-App Purchases and to connect with customers via social media. freely received from customers through the creation of an account in the program. ”

Basically, Apple should now allow developers to integrate what allows them to connect with users that there are other payment options. In other words, Apple was already planning to do this to end research in Japan, so this doesn’t change anything.

While it doesn’t look like both sides have found what they are really looking for, Apple seems to be making this a success. An Apple writer was told, “Today the Court has confirmed what we have known for a long time: the App Store does not violate anti-bullying laws. Apple is facing considerable competition in every area in which we do business, and we believe that our customers and our customers choose us because our products and services are the best in the world. We are committed to ensuring that the App Store is a stable and reliable market. ”

Epic director general Tim Sweeney did not take this into account in another case, whereas he He said on Twitter, “Today the decision will not be successful for developers or consumers. Epic is fighting a fierce competition between the means to pay for software and a software platform for one billion people. ”

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