Another court has ruled that Florida could block school changes

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Meanwhile, the ban on Florida masks in public schools could be compared to Famous Katy Perry song, “Hot N Cold.” Sometimes it is yes, sometimes it is not.

Friday, Regional Court of First Instance offered to stay which restores the law of Ron DeSantis, which also provides financial fines for school committee members who support mask activities. The Court of Appeals reversed an earlier ruling by Leon County County Magistrate John Cooper, who this week ruled that the government had exceeded its jurisdiction and could not repeal a law banning covid-19 defenses.

“There is nothing surprising here – the first DCA has restored the right of parents to make good decisions for their children,” DeSantis said. wrote Friday. “I will continue to fight for parental rights.”

The case, which violates DeSantis’ ban signed at the end of July, was brought up by parents who opposed the government’s idea against the order. According to the Associated Press, 13 school boards have taken on the responsibilities of their respective governments. Mask regimes affect more than half of the 2.8 million students in Florida.

Meanwhile, Florida state-certified school districts allow students not to use one for medical reasons, but not for parental choice. Products kept that according to the Bill of Rights, which establishes the right of a parent to the education of their children, the upbringing and health of their children, parents have the final right to require their children to wear a mask to school.

Cooper, Leon County C.The trial judge said the evidence given by parents challenging DeSantis’ ban showed that wearing masks provided protection for children in overcrowded schools. Masks can be especially helpful for children under 12, the judge said, since there is no covid-19 vaccine approved in the group.

Friday, Foods and Drugs warned parents not to take children under 12 at present and encouraged them to wait for the results of clinical trials.

As far as the government’s claim was concerned Enacting the Parental Rights Act, Cooper said the law allows parents to make health and educational decisions for their children only by a government agency, such as the board., They can show that the project is reasonable and is working to solve the problem. Cooper also said the government is only forcing the first part of this law, AP says.

“You have to show that you have the authority to do what you are doing,” Cooper said. “You can’t apply this rule but all those rules.”

However, the appellate court ruled that Cooper should not have resigned, which prevented the ban, as the government wants to review the case.

“We have serious doubts about the position, jurisdiction, and other factors,” the judges of the First Court of Appeal said. he said. “In view of the fact that we should not leave the post office alone, the money should have been left in place instead of waiting for an appeal.”

Areas of schools with shells on their faces appear to have no interest in prosecuting. Many have decided to keep their jobs until the issue is settled settlement in the courts.

Vickie Cartwright, interim administrator at Broward County Public Schools, said at a press conference that the government should continue to fulfill its covert duty.

“We are in the midst of a pandemic and we must respond in line with what is best for our students in relation to the epidemic,” Cartwright said, according to CNN. “We look forward to a future ruling from the Supreme Court of Appeal.”

A lawyer representing the parents he confirmed that he had already filed a lawsuit in the Florida Supreme Court.

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