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Sign of Eternal, coming to the theater in November.
Figure: Fun Studios

After opening about $ 100 million yes Shang-Chi is the Legend of the Ten Rings, Walt Disney Company has just said big things about the future of its movies. First, all acompany remaining 2021 released, including Eternal and The King’s Man, will be screened in 45 days. In addition, the company has just released a list of future films until 2024.

The big news is that the 2024 calendar only added four Marvel movies, which are set to be released on February 16, May 3, July 26, and November 8, 2024. They come after four Marvel movies through 2022 and over five in 2023. In addition, of Guillermo del Toro recently, Dangerous alley, rejected several weeks from December 3 to December 17; which has not been mentioned before Bob’s Burgers video will now be released on May 27, 2022; and type of system a Mermai the Youngerd swim in the showroom on May 26, 2023.

The whole move is a strong indication of how Disney is at the game. And why not? After releasing its big 2021 videos like Black Widow and Jungle Cruise both at the theater and at Disney +, the last two major releases—Free Boy and Shang-Chi– they were in the stadiums and it was all great. That’s why the remaining movies this year are available on 45-day theaters (excluding video footage Beautiful, Which lasts for only 30 days) is understandable, for the company. It may be meaningless to people who are still concerned about the global epidemic of covid-19 but with numbers Shang-Chi Patience, Disney seems content with the same potential.

I also have to always look at it as a Disney list still has it Avatar 2 hit theaters in December 2022, which does. Star Wars I will return to the theater in December 2023 by Patty Jenkins’ Army, Followed by franchises appearing the same month in 2028: Avatar 3 in December 2024, new Star Wars in December 2025, then Avatar, Star Wars, Avatar.

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