Privacy keywords in Free Fire OB30 Advance Server update: Specified

Character has been found to be one of the most important and unique features of Free Fire because of its potential. They play a big part in the game, and having the right characters depending on how the game tends to give them a chance to compete.

Like many others Advanced Servers, manufacturers often record characters to test their creativity. Two new secretaries have made their way recently OB30 Server, both have the potential for action.

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1) Secret

Memory Mist is an uninteresting possibility for an unknown person (Photo via Free Fire)
Memory Mist is an uninteresting possibility for an unknown person (Photo via Free Fire)

Power: Memory Reminder

After players kill an enemy, Memory Mist’s ability to reveal the whereabouts of other enemies in the distance. It detects enemies within 25 meters of the original level, then increases to 50 meters on level 6.

In addition, players are also notified of the location of their enemies.

2) Secret

Buzzer Beater is the name of a mysterious person by chance (Photo via Free Fire)

Power: Buzzer healer

The End of Another Traditional Secret is called Buzzer Beater. It’s the only thing that restores health care after users survive a war. At the initial level, it returns 5 HP.

With increasing pressure, it converts to 30 HP peak. Being able to rehabilitate health can be very helpful in warfare.

Agent Hop is a new pet added to the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server (Image via Free Fire)

Apart from this, a new animal called Agent Hop has also entered the Advance Server. With the equipment, gamers get a lot of EPs each time Safe Zone goes down.

Note: These are the skills listed in the Advance Server and are subject to change. In addition, not all items from the server are added with the final release.

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