Cricket Tips, Today Play 11 with Germany World Report Travel to Spain 2021, 1 T20I

Spain will beat Germany in the first T20I of Germany’s Tour of Spain 2021 at the Desert Springs Cricket Ground in Almeria on Friday.

Spain will host Germany in three T20I matches. Spain is expected to be at the top of the list because they know the house well. So far, Germany has an exciting line-up that can take the game to the opposition.

SPA vs GER May Play 11 Today


Paul Hennessy, Christian Munoz-Mills, Yasir Ali, Awais Ahmed, Zulqarnain Haider, Ravi Panchal, Atif Mehmood, Kuldeep Lal, Raja Adeel, Hamza Saleem, Charlie Rumistrzewicz


Abdul Rahimzei, Venkatraman Ganesan, Rohit Singh, Sahir Naqash, Harish Srinivasan, Vijayshankar Chikkannaiah, Talha Khan, Dylan Blignaut, Ghulam Ahmadi, Vishnu Bharathi, Nilay Patel

Game Information

SPA vs GER, German Travel to Spain 2021, 1 T20I

Date and Time: 10th September, 2021, 2:30 PM IST

Location: Desert Springs Cricket Ground, Arizona

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The process is expected to have a grass cover that will delight chefs quickly. Batsmen have to deal with breaks and swimming but if they can settle down on the field, running comes easily.

Today SPA vs GER Dream11 matches the highest

Wicket Dealer

Ahmed could be a wicket-taker in your Dream11 Fantasy game. They are safe behind stumps and can also run errands.


R Singh is a reliable wrestler who does not damage his wicket. They can also play big shorts easily.

All around

Y Ali is a very successful player who can change the game as a player. They can be a great multiplier choice in your SPA vs GER Dream11 Fantasy Side. He has done 325 runs and has taken six wickets in 11 matches so far.

V Ganesan has hit 72 runs in 11 T20I games in his career. She has also picked up four wickets.


K Lal is expected to lead the line with the ball to his side. He has done 80 runs and has picked up four wickets in 10 games.

Top 5 players to pick up the SPA vs GER Dream11 predictive team

Y Ali (SPA)

V Ganesan (GER)

Technology (SPA)

H Saleem (SPA)

Author S Naqash (GER)

Key figures for the SPA vs GER Dream11 team prediction

Y Ali: 325 run with wickets 6

V Ganesan: 72 runs and four wickets

K Good: 80 runs and 4 wickets

SPA vs GER Dream11 Predicting Today

Ideas for SPA vs GER Dream11 Ideas # 1
Ideas for SPA vs GER Dream11 Ideas # 1

Myth # 1: A Ahmed, P Hennessy, A Rahimzei, R Singh, Y Ali, H Saleem, S Naqash, V Ganesan, GR Ahmadi, A Mehmood, K Lal

Captain: Y Ali, Second Second: V Ganesan

Ideas for SPA vs GER Dream11 Ideas # 2

Ideas # 2: A Ahmed, H Srinivasan, P Hennessy, A Rahimzei, R Singh, Y Ali, S Naqash, V Ganesan, GR Ahmadi, A Mehmood, K Lal

Captain: S Naqash, Second Second: R Singh

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