Chris Sale trying to keep COVID: How long will he be out and what does that mean for the Boston game?

The Red Sox hunt for the playseason has just taken off. said Friday Ace Chris Sale, only five are starting to recover from the operation of Tommy John, who was diagnosed with coronavirus. As a result of proper testing, he has missed his upcoming start Sunday against the White Sox.

According to The Athletic, Sale is the 10th player on the team who has been tested for coronavirus since last Friday. The two coaches were also considered to have a problem, while the two players and the coach saw them as very connected and had to be isolated.

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When will Chris Sale return?

The explosion of the Red Sox is particularly significant as Sales have been large since the return of Tommy John’s surgery. In the first five, he recorded 2.52 ERAs and the team won four times out.

Due to MLB’s coronavirus protocols, Sale will be forced to stay out for at least 10 days, meaning the next game that may be eligible will be September 21 against the Mets. By the time it returns, the Red Sox will have only 11 games left in their list, which could see them start playing just two.

Who will replace Chris Sale?

Who takes his place around it is not clear. Rookie Tanner Houck is expected to start Friday. Nick Pivetta, who received the vaccine, also tested positive for coronavirus, but could start on Saturday. according to If Pivetta doesn’t go, wait for Connor Seabold to start. Martin Perez could have a trip to the kids to work from the COVID-19 list once it opens, said. Eduardo Rodriguez started on Tuesday and Nathan Eovaldi started on Wednesday, while Garrett Richards, the first to move to the bullpen, revived after Eovaldi on Wednesday. No other pitcher has made several appearances since the start of the Red Sox this season.

On top of Pivetta and Perez, several other players have come out with better coronavirus tests. The starless Xander Bogaerts has been around since August 31 – although he is expected to return soon – and employee Christian Arroyo was “deeply moved” by his case, Cora told Star-Star rescuer Matt Barnes is out of time, though he is due to return Friday.

The Red Sox is found to be at risk of Wild Card hunting. The game before Friday, leading the Yankees on the first Wild Card I play, but have seen the Blue Jays fly late and win in the last nine races.

The upcoming Red Sox

Worse still is the complex program that comes with the sale. Boston face a number of tough opponents with three games against AL Central leading the White Sox on Friday followed by three games with the Mariners starting Monday. Seattle are just two games behind the Yankees on the second Wild Card and three in Boston.

When the Red Sox entered the Star-Star Break on July 12, they led the Rays with 1.5 games in the AL East with a history of 55-36. Since then, Boston have come down to a 25-26 record victory in their last 51 games.

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