Early in Life, Heat May Be Contributed to the Cell Phase

Beautiful ballet Proteins enable modern cells to reproduce themselves. In cell division, enzymes produced by DNA combine to replicate DNA, cytoplasmic division of the cell, and the secretion of membrane-cutting membranes. Correction of these mechanisms is important because defects can cause female cells to become abnormal or inaccessible.

Billions of years ago, this same problem may have been compounded by the first artificial bundle of inanimate products. But these protocols have to be replicated without relying on large proteins. His approach is an important question for astronomers and researchers in the field of life.

“Once you remove all the enzymes from the cell, nothing happens. They are just empty bags,” he said Anna Wanga |, astronomer at the University of New South Wales in Sydney. “It’s stable, and that’s the point.”

However, in recent paper mu Biophysical Journal, Romain Attal, a scientific scientist at the City of Science and Industry in France, and cancer biologist Laurent Schwartz of Paris Public Hospitals made several calculations showing how heat alone would be sufficient to drive one of the most important aspects of repetition. process: split one protocell into two.

Attal thinks that the mechanical and physical processes that took place as a child were probably simple, and that thermodynamics alone would have greatly influenced the way life began. He also said that the original species he has been working on could explain some of the laws that govern how life began.

“High temperatures are important for life,” Attal said. If you understand the story, you should write down its details.

Turning to Fission

For stem cells to divide without complex machinery, it would require a surgeon or chemist. “It’s really about removing the cell to do its main job and thinking, ‘What are the basic physical and chemical components, and how can we imitate this without protein?'” Wang said.

Identifying these mechanisms is even more difficult when you consider that scientists still do not accept the meaning of ordinary life, as well as protocols.

What scientists agree is that protocols must have had some form of information that they were able to pass on to girls, the metabolic metabolic process, and the lipid membrane that separates metabolism from information from other worldly sources. first soup. When the outside world of medicine was unstable, fragmentation provided by the lipid membrane could create low levels of entropy.

In order for the protocell to grow before it divides, it must increase not only the amount of energy inside the cell but also the surface of the surrounding membrane. To produce tiny female cells with the same volume as the parent cell needs more lipids in their membranes, because their part is much larger compared to their size. The chemical structure required for the synthesis of these lipids provides energy as heat.

When Attal discussed with Schwartz these ideas, he began to wonder if this power was sufficient to drive the original division of the cell. Experiments in research literature showed a study that found that mitochondria (the building blocks of cell energy, which started as cohesive bacteria billions of years ago) have a higher temperature than the surrounding cell. Attal wanted to know if that power difference could be generated in protocols, and whether it was enough to drive fission.

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