Spider-Man: No Way Home, Piracy, and the End of the Box Office

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Almost every video released in 2021 came with a complaint to fans: “I hope it doesn’t go well.” In some ways, this was a desire to keep the film from sucking. But it was also the hope of something else: This, amidst the constant fluctuations Covid-19 disease plague on the scene, film being better, money, gaining an audience. Filmmakers are now more aware of the fact that if the license / director / star does not work well, the chances of more films from the license / director / star dwindle. Success brings with it the potential for great success.

But this year, for coronavirus 2022, though and to win? Normally, they are measured by office receipts (television) and television numbers. But in a time of turmoil, especially in the time of the epidemic of mixed drama, there is no single way to know if the film did well, leaving everyone – especially Hollywood actors – with a bit of a worry for the future. Or, it was before Spider-Man found a way back home.

On a holiday, Spider-Man: No Return Home went head to head and waited for a long time Matrix Breakout and absolutely broke it. Or it may appear. The resurrection of the dead made about $ 12 million in the country over the weekend, right Spider-Man products more than $ 81 million, although it was his second week of release. This may seem unpleasant to Neo and his friend, until you recall that the film was re-released on HBO Max the same day it hit theaters, while Spidey also released theater. However, watching the influx was no longer spectacular. Only 2.8 million families watch Lana Wachowski’s TV show Matrix follow / restart things, according to Samba TV streaming company. But wait, there is more! In contrast to those low numbers, TorrentFreak added Monday that The resurrection of the dead it was the most iconic film in the first week of the new year.

What does it all say? Sounds like a lot and empty. If so, it says that the standards for success and popularity in filmmaking are changing. Quickly. There is no other place – movie theaters, promotional services, VOD platform – for every movie. Seeing the number of listeners compliment each of them is like practicing a third year algebra. Play numbers, box office numbers, streams, hell, rotten Tomatoes and what’s going on on Twitter – they all tell us something, but lately, it’s hard to say anything is a hit. It would have been easy to pull out the chalk The resurrection of the dead‘performing hard dramas for the fast-growing Omovron Covid genre, if for no reason There Is No Way Home did very well. It would also be easy to call it a flop, if not for the fact that so many people are moving. Both films were well received, but as Forever has proved, though rotten tomatoes he can do well in the box office in the plague.

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