Life From CES 2022: Favorites This Year

New, fresh year a mega tech confusing show. CES was this week, packed with all of its regular gizmos as well as visual aids. It was a strange year for a professional conference. It happened privately and almost, and several viewers came out at the last minute, citing Covid concerns. However, many companies did not give up, and the killing of professional advertisers continued.


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Show Notes

WIRED covering CES remotely, including live recording Gadget Lab podcast. This week, WIRED editor-in-chief review Adrienne So and WIRED editor Julian Chokkattu have joined us to discuss the best things we have seen at CES, and what consumer expertise will change next year.

You can see this section and our other CES articles at @WIRED Twitter account. See our worldwide history CES equipment. Read our list of Best of CES.

Julian Chokkattu is available on Twitter @JulianChoken. Adrienne Ndi @adriennemso. Lauren Goode and @LaurenGoode. Michael Kalore and @snackfight. Bling big number on @GadgetLab. The program was created by Boone Ashworth (@booneashworth). This special article was produced by Jane Garcia Buhks and Chris Cona. Our theme song is Solar keys.

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