How Body Factors and People Compost Can Help Communities

Spade began his research as a technical student in Architecture with his idea, “Urban mortality.” In order to replicate the animal manure production program, he invested ten years of research and funding in the Urban Death Project, followed by the launch of Recompose in 2020. Its aim was not to create a sustainable system and to unite communities. the turning of the body of their loved one into dust.

Fertilizer regulations have been enacted in Delaware, Hawaii, Maine, Massachusetts, and New York. A similar bill in California received a two-state solution but was suspended in August 2021. In some areas, such as New York, the Catholic Church protested against the reduction of natural resources, calling it a “policy”.more suitable for cutting leaves and egg shells than for human bodies. ” But the rejection of the religion did not break the law, especially as funerals were filled with corpses waiting to be cremated and buried during the Covid-19.

Another company in Washington, United States Back Home, provides human compost in an open space for all, with a container for 74 people.

“It’s about restoring our ability to say goodbye to our loved ones,” said CEO Micah Truman. “There is a man who comes in the morning and brings two cups of coffee, one for his wife in the boat and the other for her. As a result of the election, people want to get involved, and it makes all the difference in the world. ”

During my visit to the Forest lab at Western Carolina University, Zejdlik emphasized the potential of compost, especially since many people think that funerals and cremation are their only choices: “Farm animals are always composted,” he said. “And if human compost starts, it can be amazing.” He also spoke about the benefits of the environment in rural areas where there is a lack of green burial grounds, where the grounds and areas need to be maintained.

The human compound has not yet been found in North Carolina, where I live, but support has grown in various states since it was officially established in Washington in 2019. In many cities, prohibition laws rotation of compost brings with it the initial barriers to a new organic reduction process. However as soon as human manure is approved in Colorado in September 2021, a Natural Funerals built body composting equipment and began to provide services as a supplement to green funerals and aquamation, which uses water and lye for burning instead of flames.

“We are about to put our fourth person in the Chrysalis Vessel,” said Karen van Vuuren, co-founder of the Boulder Funeral Service. He explains that he named the ship after a craftsman named Chris, who helped to construct a vessel that converted bodies into dust.

van Vuuren states: “The first person to board the ship lost his life, a young man. But the couple were able to sign the manuscript and carry it in the trunk and return to the ground. ”

In a country where The 100 companies are responsible for 71 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions smoke, human climate actions can feel dangerous or ineffective. My end-of-life choices – in conjunction with my daughters – do not change the complexities of the climate, but I do believe in the ups and downs that take place in the community, especially when our last act will make the connection between life, death and the world. . Planning for our deaths can affect our families, friends, and communities as we feed the land, rather than increase our climate risk.

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