Major technical failures of 2021

The drug, marketed by Biogen, is an antibody that binds to brain tissue. Aduhelm embarked on a major human trial, which did not show any real benefit for patients with a mental illness. However the company and the US Food and Drug Administration decided to move forward in June, on the opposition of the agency’s expert advisers. Many resigned. One, Aaron Kesselheim, called the incident “probably the worst drug decision in recent US history.”

Yes, we need a new treatment for Alzheimer’s. But the approval showed a tendency to accept the drug on the basis of limited evidence known as “other records.” Because Aduhelm initiated a reduction in screening for cerebral palsy – a symptom of dementia – the FDA determined that there was “sufficient opportunity” to benefit patients. One problem with such comparisons is that no one knows whether these patches cause disease or are simply among the symptoms.

Aduhelm, the first Alzheimer’s medicine in 20 years, is already a fiasco. Fewer patients get it, Biogen sales are lower, and one person dies of a brain tumor. Since the approval, the company has halved the price of the drug, and its investigator has abruptly resigned.

Rpa more:How Alzheimer’s Drugs Have Been Approved, ”New York Times.

Zillow’s home-buying algorithm

“Do not overload yourself” is a well-known business principle. Zillow real estate company did exactly that, with disastrous results.

The company’s landmark site is well-known, as well as computer-generated home remedies, known as “Zestimates.” The company’s mistake was to use its imagination to buy only real, invisible homes, to change and raise money to buy. Zillow soon realized that its algorithms did not accurately reflect housing price changes. And it was not the only problem.

Zillow was competing with other digital retailers, known as “iBuyers.” So it did what every landlord had decided to do: it paid too much. By this year, Zillow was recording hundreds of affordable homes. In November, the company closed its eBuying Zillow Offers section, cut 2,000 jobs, and recorded $ 500 million in what the Wall Street Journal called “one of America’s most recent businesses.”

Zillow sticks to his early business of selling ads to real estate agents. His Zestimates still have a house on the site.

read more: What’s Wrong With Zillow? Real Estate Algorithm Has Disturbed Its Great Betting, “ Wall Street Journal


Ransomware is malicious software that secretly steals company files. Terrorists then demand money to restore access. It’s a thriving business. Ransomware made a new record in 2021 with more than 500 million attacks, according to cybersecurity SonicWall.

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