4 Online Tools to Help LGBTQ Youth Finding Help

Recent additions in LGBTQ freedom and transparency were impossible a few years ago. From the same marriage to the widespread manifestation of LGBTQ in the media, popular culture and popular ideas have evolved into a more cohesive, open, and open society. However, despite these achievements, life is still difficult for many LGBTQ youth.

The Human Rights Campaign calls 2021 “The worst year for the LGBTQ law revolt”Since 2015, the year that the marriage contract became US law. “More than 250 anti-LGBTQ bills were introduced in state law in 2021,” the HRC says.

Fortunately, several LGBTQ organizations are working to combat discrimination and meet the needs of young people, regardless of where they are in the country and on their way out. I spoke with several of these groups to understand how they use their resources to help young people in need.

Trevor’s work

Since 1998, a Trevor Project has become the largest suicide prevention and problem-solving organization for LGBTQ youth around the world. It has the only 24/7 support program of its kind in the US, connecting young people with well-trained counselors.

For those who are not ready to talk to someone, the Trevor Project also has a reflective meditation gentle exercise help you to breathe better and stay fit. Her website also offers more exit resources which can be helpful in answering questions on your own and between friends and relatives.

Throughout the epidemic, the Trevor Project has evolved in a number of ways, including embracing creative talent.

“We have developed a training program for trainers called Crisis Contact Simulator, which will help us triple the number of our counselors in 2021 and reach more than 1.8 million more LGBTQ young people in the US who are seriously contemplating suicide each year, “said John Callery, Deputy Vice President of Technology at the Trevor Project.

This simulator was developed in conjunction with Google.org, using artificial intelligence to better connect LGBTQ youth who are at risk of suicide to well-trained counselors.

“Our model uses questions that can lead to questions like, ‘What’s going on?’ that young people can respond to their own ideas, and have proven to be more effective than traditional methods, ”says Callery.

The Trevor Project says the epidemic has been particularly acute for LGBTQ youth, and some of the reasons may have been due to school closures, leaving many children “homeless or abusive, which is causing people to stop associating with them,” Callery says.

Instead, teens turn to social networking sites for confirmation. “Watching LGBTQ People on YouTube with TikTok” is often cited as a way for LGBTQ young people to find happiness and strength, according to Trevor Project’s. 2021 National survey.

The Trevor Project Instructor can be reached by phone at 1-866-488-7386 or by texting “START” at 678-678.

Opinions of the company PFLAG

Opinions of the company PFLAG is the first and largest organization in the US to address the gap between LGBTQ families and friends. They have over 400 heads in the country to connect with families across the region to help their LGBTQ children.

At the beginning of the epidemic, PFLAG radically changed its work for the better. “In just five days, we started PFLAG coordinates, which is a way to meet our LGBTQ + families and loved ones where they live through specific meetings with local members, becomes a global event such as Something To Talk About Live, weekly PFLAG coordinates correspondence issues, training materials and training materials, and tools to help meet legislators, “said Jamie Curtis, director of chapter engagement at PFLAG.

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