2021 It was the Year of the Tour. But to Whom?

Others doubt the purpose of space travel. Kathryn Denning, a sociologist and astronomer at the University of York at Toronto, states: “These are technical issues, and there is no doubt about it. But, he suggests, “their greatest achievement is the dominance of radio and television.”

So far, tickets Take to the shore take six points — $ 200,000 or more — while booking an orbital trip costs eight cents. The estimated cost of $ 200,000 for short air travel exceeds the annual average profit 90 percent of Americans. It’s hard not to notice this, especially during climate problem, epidemics, and greater awareness of inequality. Every seat on a suborbital plane is like opening a house with a population of over half a million Americans, or starting a family fund where millions of people do not have access to medical care, or starting a college education most of America they do not have access to higher education.

Denning reports: “Every time I get $ 250,000 in a plane and when the kids are not eating and people are queuing up at the border, I find it hard to be honest.

But if the aviation industry of the 20th century has any controls, the planes will start to become more valuable, prices will drop, and opportunities to travel will expand beyond the richest people as the market opens and technologies and infrastructure thrive. “When you go back 100 years ago, it was not your daily routine to take advantage of a newcomer to the world. But nowadays, at a reasonable price, anyone can jump out of a plane, and they do not often think about it. It is very safe. It’s probably a vision of space, ”says Bernstein.

This was not the first time that a wealthy minority has been involved in the US Aeronautics. “They were literally billions like Andrew Carnegie and John D. Rockefeller, who gave the world’s largest astronomical observatory in the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was the Guggenheim family that was a major source of inspiration. of money for Robert Goddard, the first pioneer in the US, “says Alex MacDonald, an economist at NASA.

On the other hand, MacDonald points out, NASA has sponsored and invested in companies that have been growing business for many years, signing various weapons and operations contracts, including the newly launched SpaceX, which will be the next 20 spring. NASA is investing in Blue Origin and two other companies to develop the design of shopping mall following the ISS. It is part of a long-term plan assisting secret societies on Earth’s low-lying path, while reducing costs and releasing corporate long-distance exploration budgets.

Although the first sixty years of space flight were by astronomers, travelers can fly for spectacular views, or for fun, or for adventure. And while ticket prices are high, these early private trips offered a place for a few people who would never get a chance. The CEO of SpaceX’s Inspiration4 was Jared Isaacman, billionaire CEO of the payment company Shift4Payments, and paid for the tickets that went to three other passengers. Artist and scientist Sian Proctor won his competition, Chris Sembroski received a ticket from a colleague who won the competition as a lottery, and Hayley Arceneaux was awarded the title as governor of St. Mary’s Hospital. The project raised $ 200 million – a charitable initiative that could set an example for other private airlines. Virgin Galactic announced on November 24 that Keisha Schahaff, Antigua’s health and fitness trainer, won two seats in the sweepstakes that raised $ 1.7 million for Space for Humanity, a Denver-based nonprofit that works to increase access to space with the Citizen Astronaut Program.

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