How to Use Wi-Fi Play on Your iPhone, Android Phone, or Tablet

Other Android devices, such as Samsung phones, install this in the Phone app. Here’s how to get it:

  1. Open Phone app, click the three-dot icon at the top right, and click Preferences.
  2. You will see the opportunity to choose Wi-Fi dialing. Click and turn it on.
  3. When you are found, you will see Wi-Fi dialing next to the name of your agent in the additional notification shade on your phone.

Can’t find the path on your Android phone? You will need a SIM card in your device for the opportunity to even show up (once you find someone, you may need to restart your phone). If you already have a SIM, unlock it Preferences and writing “Wi-Fi dialing”In the search bar at the top.

What You Should Know About Wi-Fi Singing

Wi-Fi phones are usually integrated into your existing voice plan and are considered as regular dialing. If you have a few minutes, a call over Wi-Fi can be counted as part of your budget. They do not have to pay extra, but we do recommend that you double check because carriers do not treat them the same. If your provider charges you for Wi-Fi calls, then time to find the right carrier.

What you need to know is that any long-distance or international billing fees you pay for voice calling can also be used on Wi-Fi phones. And Wi-Fi calling is not possible in all countries. Instead, try using voice (voice or video) on online messaging apps, such as WhatsApp, Google Duo, Telegraph, Signal, WeChat, and FaceTime. You will not be charged.

Carriers tell you when your phone should ring on Wi-Fi, but this is not the same. If you find that your signature is too strong for Wi-Fi dialing but not enough to make a clear call, you can force it to turn on Flight mode and turn on Wi-Fi. Just remember to turn off Flight mode when playing again.

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