Meta Is Not The Only Company Builds Metaverse

Mark Zuckerberg can being busy pushing his vision augmented with almost real world, but he is far from the first to start imagining them. Niantic CEO John Hanke leads the company that created it Pokemon Go, a handball game that was one of the first AR games. Hanke has been adding realities for years now, and says his vision for bringing people together in the world is much more similar than Facebook.

This week at Gadget Lab, we welcome WIRED editor-in-chief Steven Levy, who spoke to Hanke about Niantic’s reaction to Facebook’s vision of the event. Lauren then talks to Bobby Murphy, founder and CTO of Snap, and AR and VR producer Brielle Garcia, who makes Snap Spectacles glasses of their vision for our future.

Show Notes

Read Steven’s interview with Niantic CEO John Hanke Pano. Visit the Augmented World Expo at moyo.moyo, I see 2021 expo videos on YouTube.


Steven encourages Andover SpinBase, a $ 299 speaker designed for use by record players. Mike promotes YouTube’s culinary style, “From My Ranch To Your Kitchen. ” Lauren recommends “You may need to go outside”Part of The Cut podcast.

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