PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which Is Best, After 1 Year? (2021)

Sony’s new DualSense controllers offer more than just sound. Shooter buttons can have a variety of resistance levels, depending on the content of the game as the tool you are using – so you can feel when you use a hair spray gun against the heavy pull of a large gun.

The haptic feedback system also provides a three-dimensional idea of ​​where the answers are coming from. Instead of two motors in your hand, motors in the DualSense controller can vibrate on control. When it works, it’s amazing. For example, The Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla they look and play well on both games, but with the DualSense controller, the burner is different for each bow type, so you can feel the extra pressure in your dangerous-bad bows or the quick, feathery touch of the light bows. . It gives you a real sense of the fact that these instruments are different, and that they feel differently in a person’s hands. Few games take advantage of DualSense’s new bells, but they are always fun.

This work is expensive, and it is worth it

All of these consoles have a number of features that are required to play online games, and some to access the game library to play “for free.” The Xbox Series X has Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass Ultimate, and the PS5 has PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now.

Game Pass Ultimate is the best. It gives you access to more players online and has a list of over 100+ games that you can download to your computer and often on a PC. You can install the Xbox app on game laptop or desktop and download information about it easily.

Playstation plus gives you a few “free” games that you can download each month and require you to play games online. Then there is PS Now, which is similar to the Xbox Game Pass but focuses on older PS4, PS3, and PS2 games. It gives you access to an in-depth list of 800 games — including the old PlayStation game to play online.

All of these registration plans are very confusing. Why is this the case? At this point, no one knows.

Winner: Everyone and None

So, which console is the best here? Even. Because it does not matter how good your console is if no one can buy it. The PlayStation 5 is a better console, and since so many are selling, your friends have a chance to get one or take one, but I would not say a winner.

DualSense is good, but inside, all the consoles are the same, and it shows. It is as if Sony and Microsoft both bought the same Honda Civic, but Sony put a good lead behind the market. Sure good, but very good? Or both of the genre moderately aggressive?

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