Melania Trump Knew About 1/6 Attack And Refused To Stop The Violence

Former Melania Trump’s ex-wife was informed of the Capitol beating shortly after the ban was lifted, but she refused to provide a warrant to end the violence.

Chief Of Staff Melania Trump Said His First Wife Refused To Call For Violence.

Politico reports:

1:25 pm on Jan. 6, shortly after the violence passed through barriers outside the Capitol, MELANIA TRUMP received a message from their chief executive officer, STEPHANIE GRISHAM.

“Do you want to send messages online for demonstrations of peace and freedom for every American, but there are no places of violence and violence?” Grisham asked the first woman.

Minutes later, Melania answered with one reply: “No.” At the time, she was at the White House preparing to record a carpet of her choice, according to Grisham’s forthcoming book, “I’m Taking Your Questions Now: What I Saw in The White House,” available by POLITICO.

The White House Recognized Soon That The Capitol Was Broken

This is important because it is evidence that the White House became aware of the Capitol attack soon after it took place, and decided not to take any action.

Melania Trump’s failure to file a petition for an end to the violence is revealing because it shows that Trumps wants violence. On a human level, Melania Trump did not care that the Capitol was beaten.

Stephanie Grisham will be called as a witness before the 1/6 Committee.

Donald and Melania Trump could have chosen to end the Capitol attack. Grisham’s case is proof that Donald Trump knew what was going on on January 6, and decided not to take action.

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