End-of-Year Spending Spree Wastes Up To $100 Billion Each Year

Author Adam Andrzejewski of RealClearPolicy

In September 2019, government agencies spent $ 91 billion on 642,567 units – about $ 3 billion on 21,418 daily sales. In September 2018, the files cost $ 97 billion.

If these numbers are staggering, they should be.

Federal agencies are worried that if they spend less than their budget allows, Congress will give them less money next year.

As a result, they begin to waste money annually and “spend or waste” spending all their money at the end of the financial year, Sept. 30.

That led to spending $ 91 billion in just one month in 2019, with $ 23.8 billion of that coming in just the last two days of the financial year, according to management report Author of OpenTheBooks.com.

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Monday, Sept. 30, 2019, deadline, broke all records and $ 12.2 billion in spending. Friday, Sept. 27, was second in line, spending $ 11.6 billion.

Expenditure by the end of the year cost off goods such as aircraft ($ 5.2 billion), generators and jets ($ 4.4 billion), and home construction ($ 1.4 billion). But it also paid for items such as clothing ($ 328 million), transportation ($ 254 million) furniture ($ 458 million), food ($ 536 million), advertising and relationships ($ 457 million), batteries ($ 53 million), books and pamphlets ($ 23 million), and sports, toys, and cargo ($ 1.1 million).

There should be a better way to spend $ 91 billion on taxpayers.

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