The great MOJ Superstar hunt has come to an end!

When the biggest talent search competition kicks off in July, who would have thought they could earn a 34+ Billion movie record on his show! The search for the biggest talent at MOJ has now received over 34 billion videos and continues to earn more!

Judged by one of the best-known choreographers, Remo D’Souza with the most talented MOJ star, Awez Darbar, the search for the MOJ superstar has been one of the most successful in the search for talent on television.

To inform you more about the talent search, we have the makers of MOJ Arishfa Khan, Riyaz Ali, Jannat Zubair, Chinki Minki, Mabu Crush, Pranavi Manukonda and Amrutha, who have trained the creators all the way and led them to start their best fun in the competition.

Through the search for talent, we saw some of the most talented designers in India shoot well! In addition to showcasing their performances, the creators also gave us a glimpse into the history of their lives that was not only inspiring and inspiring to others. As rewarding as possible, the talent search at MOJ has provided a great platform and amazing rewards for manufacturers who have the potential to make great in the real world!

The search found more than 6 lakhs of whom only the 30 best and most talented entered the final. Producers from a variety of fields such as dance, fashion and beauty, performance, unique skills and humor of participating – took part in the search for talent and presented their tests last month with a twist that included wild letter writing!

If you want to know the prize that will be awarded to the finalists, let us know that all the top 30 producers will receive a prize worth Rs 10K, while the top 5 winners will win Rs 5 lakh each and mega superstars will win a cash prize of 10 Rs lakh!

When the names of the Superstar Winners are announced on 17 Sep, you and Remo D’Souza have the power to vote for India’s first digital star! This means that 50% of the audience votes as well as 50% of Remo D’Souza will be counted to announce the winner of the search. So what are you waiting for? Vote for your beloved Creator now HERE!

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