Trump Could Be Toast As Support For His Comeback Plummets 24%

A new poll has shown that Donald Trump’s bid for the Republican presidency has dropped by 24% since 2019.

Republicans are not very happy with Trump’s return.

CNN wrote about their new CNN research:

Republicans and Republicans say, 63% to 37%, that Trump should be the leader of the Republican Party. But they have similar divisions as to whether the presence of a defeated President in 2024 would be an option: 51% say Republicans have a chance to run for re-election if Trump is elected, and 49% say the party will be better off with an elected candidate. This is a very different place from 2019 when more than three Republicans said their party fared better in 2020 when Trump was elected than he would have done with anyone else.

Trump’s support is not shared equally at the party: 69% of Republicans without a college degree think Trump should run the party, compared to 49% of those with a college degree. The majority of 72% say Trump is supposed to lead the party, compared to 49% of smaller party factions. And 71% of so-called Republicans want Trump to lead the party, compared to 51% of Republican independents who say the same thing.

Trump Election 2024 Can Give Independents To Biden

Trump opposed the Independent in 2020, and it has not changed much so far as only 51% of Independent-Independent Independents want Trump to lead the Republican Party. If Trump were elected in 2024, it would be easy to see the same thing happen again. Biden is being held to pray for administrators and independents, while Trump remains at the bottom of the Republican Party.

The only people who want Trump back with his tough and careless supporters.

Donald Trump Now Has Political Corruption

A major part of Trump’s politics was that he won the leadership in his first term. Now, he and Jimmy Carter are the only two living people in America who have won leadership and lost it after a while.

Trump’s secrets are gone. Now he is a loser, and about half of Republicans react when they say they don’t want him anymore and that Trump’s alliance is a waste.

If Trump is re-elected, the problem is that the outgoing former president has resigned and destroyed the Republican Party.

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