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Following in her mother’s footsteps! Leni Klum looks brave as she walks down the street at the About You show in Berlin, Germany.

Heidi Klum‘s daughter Leni it’s a top brand in production! All eyes were on 17 years old as she boldly appeared at the About You fashion show – which took place in Berlin, Germany – Saturday, September 11. Blonde was spit out a picture Her mother’s well-known style as she adopts the embroidered streetwear, which featured a SKIMS embroidered top over the nude, sweatshirt matched with a matching hoodie draped over her shoulder.

Leni Klum drove down the runway to Berlin to find out about About You. (Work Press / Shutterstock)

She made an inconspicuous look as an oversized one with a shiny bootie, as well as jewelry with her hair in the evening. Leni, Heidi’s daughter Flavio Briatore but was raised by Print, she shook her hair back to make it look amazing. She still retained the vibe with her bright, shiny skin and shiny naked lip. Prior to the ceremony, Leni played the same game in which she interviewed the slow-moving artists.

Leni went to look for street clothes with nude top and cream sweatpant. (Work Press / Shutterstock)

Although she was young, Leni has already done a number of high-level jobs: she made him Celebrities first on the cover cover and his mother Heidi in December 2020 on the German page of the brand. The young lady is a weaver in beautiful suits that grew to an extreme, giving homage to the 80s and early 90s. Heidi tenderly kissed her eldest daughter on the cheek as Leni boldly stared at the camera, giving her a magnificent picture. A few months later, the boy appeared privately on the German cover Beautiful – is probably just the beginning of the many covers that are to come.

Leni Klum looks like she’s wearing a little blue dress. (Manuele Mangiarotti / IPA / Shutterstock)

As part of Heidi and Leni Celebrities form, old Victoria’s Secret Angel wrote a letter to her talented daughter as she continued her exemplary career. Heidi described the young man as “the best man who ever lived with your heart in a good place,” urging him to “carry all that I have given you in the last 16 years … in the big decisions in life, and the smallest.” “You don’t want to hear your mother’s wise advice, here’s another thing: don’t do anything you don’t want to do and listen to what you do.”

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