Texas Law is One for the GOP Wish List, Barring Social Media Companies from Banning Users for “Political Viewpoints”

The Texas parliament is approved a law banning TV companies from banning users on the basis of “political ideology,” a victory for Republicans who have been criticized for opposing electoral views on television programs.

“The website has become our modern site,” said Texas Ambassador Greg Abbott, Republican. “It’s a place for public debate where information should flow freely. But there is a dangerous group where the TV industry is blocking people’s ideas and opinions.”

The law prohibits it a social networking site with more than 50 million users using social media platforms, which critics of the law do not respect the right of the business community to control what they allow on their platforms.

Careful The biased comments are in line with what former President Donald Trump, continues to denigrate “false news” and publish stories he sees as unfavorable to him and his superiors.

In 2018 he said Twitter is the “SHADOW BANNING republican Republic” in response to a story that the accounts read by Republicans are displayed in the search page but do not automatically register their names in the bar. Twitter later responded, saying the story was based on a platform error.

In the end, the lack of any evidence did not preclude the claim that bias should be circulated in the surrounding areas, to the point of ultimately enforcing it as a Texas law.

Alan is a New York writer, editor, and newspaper correspondent.

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