Clean Industrial Change Is The Only Way To Hit Net Zero

Prevention a climate change, the whole world needs to change the way it does business. It is difficult to define how much change is needed. We need new ways to grow food, make things, move around, make electricity, heat and cool our homes, all of which without producing greenhouse gases. What the world wants right now is new, white industrial change, to reach zero by 2050.

This is a goal for fame, but it is possible. I think three things will happen in 2022 that will accelerate the necessary change in the clean economy.

The first is that global warming will remain in the forefront. This may seem like a small thing, but it will actually represent the old rest. After the 2008 economic downturn, elections showed that climate change had fallen sharply on the list of most important things for voters around the world. However, in this crisis, climate change is not slowing down. Even in areas affected by the epidemic, young people, freedom fighters, shareholders, and workers will hold government officials and agencies accountable for their actions.

Second, business and political leaders around the world have responded to the demands and objectives of emissions. This too will be a time of rest from time immemorial, when governments and corporations can make exciting, exciting promises that have not really helped to solve this problem. Those days are gone.

In 2022 and beyond, companies will be given credit not only for investing in sustainability, but also for manufacturing appropriate colors of money — especially sanitation technology that reduces future emissions. Investors should move faster from climate change-assisted technologies, and create a global trend that has seen business capital investing in energy efficiency, growing to $ 500 billion ($ 361 billion) by 2020.

Investors will also be rewarded with companies that have taken the initiative to support technologies that we need to reach zero, but that have not yet been delivered – technologies such as pure hydrogen, direct emissions, long-term energy storage, and sustainable air fuel. These funds will be funded by better equipment, such as the Emerging Climate Technology Framework developed by the nonprofit Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), which measures how modern clean energy investments will affect tomorrow’s climate.

We will also see business and government corporations using their purchasing power to create new markets for clean materials — such as volunteering to buy electric vehicles, using cleaning metals and cement to build their construction projects, and getting more electricity from zero-carbon source. . As the use of these resources increases, their markets will become more mature, which in turn encourages innovation and lower prices.

The more governments and corporations get involved in air pollution, the more they need to interact with others. That is why my third prophecy is that we will see the rise of new ways of working together.

Governments and private institutions will develop new ways of working to build markets for these products and accelerate clean economic transformation. One example is the work that the European Commission is doing with Breakthrough Energy, a network of fundraising vehicles, charitable programs, and incentive initiatives that I have launched. Over the next five years, Breakthrough Energy and the European Commission have raised $ 1 billion (£ 722 million) to create major technical forensic demonstrations, and to develop and learn what is needed to reduce the cost of new solutions. A larger partnership like this will emerge in 2022.

I’m excited for the coming year, and I believe we are just about the transition that will be driven by the next generation of white technologies. The coming crisis may not be great, but zero-wealth seeds are being planted all over the world.

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